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App-only Solution for Next Generation Fleet Telematics

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What is MineFleetLite™

MineFleetLite™ is a smartphone-only solution for fleet telematics. It makes use of the sensors (for example, GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer) of your smartphone and offers a powerful telematics solution for monitoring the vehicles in your fleet in a completely automated manner. You can track vehicles, detect driving events, create location-based zone alerts, log trips, score drivers, get vehicle maintenance reminders, get recall notifications, create reward program and do many more things with MineFleetLite™. You can use the free app to collect and view data for one vehicle. You can use the Fleet Manger Web Portal to view data from all vehicles in your fleet for a small fee. Just download the app first free of cost and check it out. If you don’t need the Fleet Manager Web Portal, you are still most welcome to continue using the app.


Fleet Manager Web Portal

MineFleetLite™ solution is designed for commercial fleet owners and fleet managers who want to know the status of their fleet as the vehicles move from one location to another. The Fleet Manager Web Portal offers a web-based account that provides dash boards, vehicle tracking information, trip data, driver behavior data, vehicle maintenance reminders, recall notices, and many other actionable information. If your fleet drivers have an Android or iPhone, then all you need to do is to have the drivers download the MineFleetLite™ app and install it in their phones. Once your drivers have been enrolled in MineFleetLite™ and entered your Organization ID in their app’s Settings page, driving data from their phones will automatically show up in your account. If your divers don’t use a smartphone, you can always utilize any of our other in-vehicle telematics device-based product such as MineFleet OBD-II.


Key Features

  1. Easy to use, no plug-in device needed.
  2. Minimal smartphone power consumption.
  3. Automatic start and stop trip detection.
  4. Geo-fence alerts.
  5. Accurate mileage detection and trip statistics.
  6. Identify driving events such as harsh braking, speeding, rapid acceleration, or high-G events.
  7. Vehicle maintenance reminders for light duty vehicles.
  8. Recall notifications.
  9. Optimize driver behavior by quantifying the effect on vehicle performance.
  10. Advanced fleet analytics for comparing and contrasting vehicles.
  11. Advanced decision support tools for trend analysis and anomaly detection.
  12. Web-service-based integration of MineFleetLite™ Analytics with your application.

Benefits to your business

  1. Learn about your drivers’ behavior and gain the ability to coach them on safer, more efficient driving techniques. Studies have shown that drivers will modify their behavior if they know that poor driving can impact their job security or insurance rate.
  2. Reduce vehicle wear and tear. Scheduling and tracking maintenance based on actual miles driven is more effective than a time-based maintenance model.
  3. Produce a variety of reports relevant to your short-term and long-term planning strategies.
  4. Know your driver’s location anytime. Efficiently dispatch the closest vehicle to the next job location. Set geofences and receive automated notifications.

Easy Set-up

  1. Create a MineFleetLite™ account and get your unique Organization ID.
  2. Install the free app on your driver’s smartphone. You'll need to enter your Organization ID during the registration process.
  3. Add additional vehicles to the account and monitor your entire fleet!

Please Note: If you simply want to check out the app before creating an account, send us an email request at and we will provide you with a temporary Organization ID.


  1. The App is free! (iOS and Android compatible)
  2. Sign up before April 30th, 2016 and receive special, limited-time pricing of only $1.00/month per vehicle for MineFleetLite™.
  3. Limited-time price will be honored as long as your account is active
  4. Learn more about this offer and future pricing options here:

Should you require an OBD-II device-based solution, please contact us directly for more information and pricing at